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Little Animac at Home - Recent Shorts 1

For these days of #StayAtHome, Animac presents girls and boys with a selection of movies from their recent program that are accessible online. You will find many happy animations some that invite us to think and all with lots of art. Thanks to these author shorts, you will discover very unique techniques and styles. #EnsEnSortirem #ÀnimsValents #Animac #Lleida

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All Ages/ +0

Sweet and very musical shorts. Animations for the smallest of the house.


Cookie-Tin Banjo
United Kingdom, 3 min, 2014, drawing on paper, OV (English)
Direction and production: Peter Baynton

A father makes a cookie-tin banjo to give to his son and, with it, the gift of music.


Germany, 3 min 37 s, 2017, 2D animation, without dialogues
Direction: Julia Ocker
Production: Studio FILM BILDER

A penguin waiter wants to throw the perfect penguin party without a single hitch. But things don't always work out as planned...


Land Without Evil
Hungary, 4 min, 2017, stop motion, cut-out and cartoon, without dialogues
Direction and production: Katalin Egely

Based on Guaraní mythology (Tierra sin mal), this beautiful film set to world music shows a vision of paradise on earth where all creatures live in harmony and unity.


Every Songbird Says
Spain, 4 min, 2016, 2D animation and watercolor, OVS (English)
Direction: Nacho Rodríguez and Sara López
Production: Artichoke Stopmotion

Music video for Sam Beam (Iron and Wine) and Jesca Hoop. Two kids in love do crazy things in nature.


Germany, 4 min, 2015, 2D animation, without dialogues
Direction: Julia Ocker
Production: Studio Film Bilder

The crocodile has everything it needs for a comfortable evening in front of the TV: cush- ions, a stool, pretzel sticks and a TV magazine. But then the pretzel sticks ruin all the fun.


Rumble In The Jungle
Germany, 2 min, 2016, 2D animation, without dialogues
Direction: Muhundan Bala
Production: Muimotion

Life is all peachy and great for the happy-go- lucky elephant, Moritz. There is nothing that he loves more then to dance and boogie like the 80's... that is until he meets little Mr Fritz.


Spring Time - Old Man
Germany, 3 min, 2016, stop motion and collage, without dialogues
Direction and production: Hoji Tsuchiya

One fine spring day, an old man said goodbye to this world. Music video by Uri Nakayama.


Germany, 4 min, 2016, various techniques, without dialogues
Direction: Kariem Saleh
Production: Studio Film Bilder

A happy little tiger is imprinted on a food plate. But if you leave him alone and he can't find anything to eat on his plate, he will leave it and travel the lunch table to stay his appetite.


Made For More
United States, 3 min 56 s, 2017, 2D animation, without dialogues
Direction: Yoojin Seol
Production: University of Southern California

It’s about a girl’s adventure and her realization that there's more to life than conforming to society. Music video for Sam Ock.


Thanks to the authors and producers.

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