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Little Animac at Home - Recent Shorts 2

For these days of #StayAtHome, Animac presents girls and boys with a selection of movies from their recent program that are accessible online. You will find many happy animations some that invite us to think and all with lots of art. Thanks to these author shorts, you will discover very unique techniques and styles. #EnsEnSortirem #ÀnimsValents #Animac #Lleida

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All Ages/ +3

Friendly animals, a fanfare and a poem by Paul Éluard.


Bat Time
Germany, 4 min, 2015, 2D animation, without dialogues
Direction: Elena Walf
Production: Studio Film Bilder

When night dawns on the farm a little bat wakes up. Oh, how great would it be to bark with a dog or to crow with a cock... and to jump and to dance! The little bat wants somebody to keep its company. It doesn't want to be alone. It is looking for a friend.


Netherlands, 4 min, 2015, 2D animation, without dialogues
Direction: Digna van der Put
Production: Netherlands Institute for Animation Film

Six fanfare flute players explore the landscape of the uniform. A journey that does not go unscathed.


Une Petite Différence
France, 3 min, 2016, 2D animation, without dialogues
Direction and production: Chloé Dumoulin

While she is playing in her "secret garden", Elsa is disturbed by some curious children. In order to protect her "kingdom", Elsa fights against them and she is sent to the headteacher’s office. While the headteacher is wondering about Elsa’s nature, a loner and quarrelsome child, he decides to show her his little secret.


The Skeleton Band
United States, 4 min 33 s, 2016, 2D animation, OVS (English)
Direction: Sylwia Szkiladz and Jessica Poon
Production: Jessica Poon

A band of skeletons with a lot of rhythm sneaks into a boy's dream. A highly musical fantasy full of percussion, wind and string instruments. Animation commissioned by the Los Angeles singer Sara Lovell for her children's song "The Skeleton Band".


France, 3 min, 2017, 2D animation, OVS (French)
Direction: Eugène Boitsov
Production: Tant Mieux Prod

A man is looking for two trees to hang his hammock... But his quest will be more arduous than expected.


United States, 2 min, 2016, 2D and 3D animation, without dialogues
Direction: Jun Yang
Production: School of Visual Arts

A young elementary schoolboy draws a cube in art class. Through his drawing, he struggles between expressing himself and following societal norms.


I Am Not A Mouse
United Kingdom, 2 min, 2015, 2D animation, OVS (English)
Direction and production: Evgenia Golubeva

Every time Lucy is called "Mouse" by her Mum, she turns into a real mouse! What is Lucy going to do?


Germany, 4 min, 2015, 2D animation, without dialogues
Direction: Julia Ocker
Production: Studio FILM BILDER

The wolf is wandering through the woods, tryng to find a peaceful spot to practise his secret hobby. But then a spectator shows up in the bushes.


COCOON "I Can't Wait"
Belgium, 3 min, 2016, cartoon, OVS (English)
Direction: Simon Medard
Production: Camera-etc

Freely inspired by Esther Pearl Watson’s works, this music video gives life to the small charac- ters that populate her paintings.


Thanks to the authors and producers.

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