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Animacrea 2018


From the 22nd to the 25th of February. From 11am to 2pm, then 5pm to 8pm, at La Llotja, Sala Martina Castells.

Free entrance

Animacrea is Animac’s heart. A magnetic, charming space open to everyone, where you can find workshops run by professionals and experts, a recreation area for children called Kids Space, the Open Screen area, and even a Virtual Reality zone (sponsored by FP ILERNA).


Workshops 2018

From 11am to 2pm, then 5pm to 8pm, at La Llotja, Sala Martina Castells.

Many workshops will take place within the Animacrea space, all of them run by animation professionals and experts with the goal to get a hands-on different animation techniques.

This edition, we have a large number of art and animation schools joining us: they will energize Animacrea and teach us a great amount of techniques and possibilities of animation. Animac wants to thank all of them for sharing their time with us and contributing to Animac’s positive atmosphere.


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Animacrea Activities

EASD Pau Gargallo
Workshop title: Gargallo Studio
Technique: Traditional 2D animation

Escola Ermengol
Workshop title: Robolab
Technique: Reusing of objects

Escola Joso, Comic Book & Visual Arts Centre
Workshop title: Digital illustration techniques for concept art
Technique: Photoshop

Idem Barcelona
Workshop title: Introduction to 2D and 3D animation
Technique: Graphic display and specific software

ESNE - Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovación y Tecnología
Workshop title: Traditional 2D animation workshop
Technique: 2D traditional in digital

Escola d’Art i Disseny de Sant Cugat del Vallès
Workshop title: City under construction
Technique: Stop-motion with paper objects

EASD ONDARA de Tàrrega
Workshop title: Creating Traumatropes
Technique: Manual technique

Centre Integral de Formació Professional ILERNA
Workshop title: Character modelling for stop-motion
Technique: Plasticine modelling

Centre Integral de Formació Professional ILERNA
Workshop title: Videogame Personalization
Technique: Digital 2D/3D animation. Interactive environments.

Escola Joso, Comic Book & Visual Arts Centre
Workshop title: Concept Art – Creation and demonstration
Technique: Digital illustration

ECIB Escola de Cinema de Barcelona
Workshop title: ECIB - 9ZEROS stop-motion workshop
Technique: Stop-motion

EAM Leandre Cristòfol de Lleida
Workshop title: Optical Poem nº2
Technique: Stop-motion

MJC Luchon
Workshop title: Creating an animated mini-film
Technique: Light tables and 2D animation

La Salle Barcelona

Nus Creacions
Workshop title: Print your bag
Technique: Handmade serigraphy

Mosaics Llibres
Technique: Oddsockeaters’ Creation Workshop

Kumon Lleida
Workshop title: Creative writing workshop – Let’s make up a tale
Technique: Drawing and oral storytelling

Ipop radio
Workshop title: Create music and watch it
Technique: Music composition through apps for its screening

Latraama Còmics
Activity title: Selling comic-books


Open Screen

A screen open to the audience: uninterrupted screenings with the most experimental films, plus virtual reality content! Sponsored by Centre FP ILERNA

Open Screen Program HERE


Kids Area

A recreational area for children, where they can draw and learn with books and cut-outs with their favourite characters of the best-known TV cartoons.

La Paeria - Ajuntament de Lleida

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