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Animacrea 2020


From the February 27th to March 1st. From 11am to 2pm, then 5pm to 8pm, at La Llotja, Sala Martina Castells.

Free entrance

Animacrea is Animac’s heart. A magnetic, charming space open to everyone, where you can find workshops run by professionals and experts, a recreation area for children called Kids Space, the Open Screen area.


Workshops 2020

From 11am to 2pm, then 5pm to 8pm, at La Llotja, Sala Martina Castells.

Many workshops will take place within the Animacrea space, all of them run by animation professionals and experts with the goal to get a hands-on different animation techniques.

This edition, we have a large number of art and animation schools joining us: they will energize Animacrea and teach us a great amount of techniques and possibilities of animation. Animac wants to thank all of them for sharing their time with us and contributing to Animac’s positive atmosphere.



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Animacrea Activities


EASD Serra i Abella
Workshop title: STOP MOTION 
Technique: Stop motion
Description: Stop motion workshop with articulated dolls.

ESAD Pau Gargallo
Workshop title: Animaton
Technique: Pixilation
Description: Installation that mimics an old photomaton where people can record by making a small video of pixilation.

Workshop title: 10 minutes to learn
Description: The idea is to give a dynamic talk, not to exceed 10 minutes, about different creative aspects in animated films.

Escola JOSO, Centre de Còmic i Arts Visuals
Workshop title: Conceptual Art Creation and Demonstration
Technique: Digital ilustration
Description: With this workshop we will show the assistants the most habitual conceptual art process for animation preproduction, cinema and videogames.

IDEM Barcelona S.L.
Workshop title: 2D and 3D Animation 
Technique: Graphic display and specific software
Description: 2D and 3D animation initiation workshop for young and children. From games about shapes and characters previously created, the participants will be able to know the digital tools our students are using to learn animation. The result will be little funny animations that the participants will be able to take home.

Workshop title: 2D and 3D Shortfilms
Technique: traditional 2D and 3D
Description: The animation cinema grade students from ESNE Madrid will show and search for public participation in their 3th and 4th courses projects.

ECIB – Escola de cinema de Barcelona
Workshop title: Animac in stop motion 
Description: An introduction to stop motion animation with decors, characters and volume elements made of paper, cardboard and other recycled materials.

Escola Ermengol
Workshop title: Flipbook
Description: Create your own portable animation.

Ilerna - Centre integral de formació professional
Workshop title: Creating characters with augmented reality
Description: Participants will make drawings that the workshop animators animate and can be visualized through a mobile application.

Workshop title: Character modeling for stop motion
Technique: Plastiline modeling
Description: The workshop consists in a full proces of a character creation for a stop motion animation.

La Salle
Workshop title: Creating characters
Description: Demonstration and participation of the public in the creation of a character in 2D and 3D.

EAM - Escola d'Art Municipal Leandre Cristòfol
Workshop title: Lleida in cut out
Technique: Cut outDescription: How to animate with cut outs.

Bookstore El Genet Blau i Mosaics Llibres
Workshop title: The Little Prince in Chinese Shadows
Technique: Chinese Shadows
Description: Narration of "The Little Prince" adapted to children. Attendees will then be proposed to create the characters through the Chinese Shadow Creation technique. The activity will end with a projection on a white wall or screen of the characters and landscapes created. Duration of the activity: 60 minutes.

Public library
The public library will put on disposition a collection of animation relationed materials.

Ipop Radio
Live broadcasting during animac.


Open Screen

A screen open to the audience: uninterrupted screenings with the most experimental films.


Kids Area

A recreational area for children, where they can draw and learn with books and cut-outs with their favourite characters of the best-known TV cartoons.

La Paeria - Ajuntament de Lleida

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