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Animation Master Award. Katariina Lillqvist

Katariina Lillqvist, the essential animator

It is an honour to welcome an incredible author and celebrate the magnificent work of one the most experienced women in European independent animation of all time and yet still fairly unknown in this country: the Finnish Katariina Lillqvist. Scriptwriter, director and producer, she has made around twenty stop motion animated films inspired by literature and also with a firm political and social commitment. With her sometimes controversial stories, this great storyteller and animator rewrites the great history of Europe.

The beautiful puppets, of clear Czech influence and with a marked adult character, recreate literary works and fiction while giving them a sociocultural and political background. Her hallmark, also indebted to the great ancestral narrations of northern Europe, is transformed into contemporary tales where she shows the destiny of the sons of Sarajevo (The Country Doctor), the position of the Romani communities in changing Europe (Tales from the Endless Roads: The Romary Mirror), the disappearance of traditional cultures of small tribes of the north, the everyday life in her home city of Tampere during the Finnish Civil War (Far Away from Ural) and the pain of the victims of the Spanish Civil War (Radio Dolores), among other themes that bear witness to the European mentality through its wounds and traumas.

She has worked since 1989 in Prague where she created Camera Cagliostro, a production company and today a cinema and independent art cooperative, registered in Tampere. Today she works in Stockholm combining the development of the Lapinlahticon Museum of Puppets with her first animated feature film The Master and Margarita.

Several years ago I programmed Katariina Lillqvist’s shorts, fascinated by her adaptations of Kafka and Brecht with animated puppets. Later I met her and she generously gave me a film of her Romani stories asking me to show it to as many people as possible. Borrowing Brecht’s words, I would say there are important animators and then there are essential ones and Katariina is one of them, those who fight for the art of animation and its potential, endlessly.


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