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Honor Award. Peter Lord


Peter Lord, born on 4 November 1953, has always been the right hemisphere of the brain that runs the Aardman studio: a factory of multiform joys established in Bristol that has been stained with plasticine since in the 1970s Lord and David Sproxton, the boy who sat next to him at school, began their path in the field of animation. Little did they know that their unbreakable friendship would result in the most long-running and successful stop motion production company in the history of cinema.
Morph was the first major being to come out of Peter Lord’s imaginary, a bit crazy but incredibly enjoyable. An apparently simple character with a terracotta-coloured plasticine body and white eyes and black pupils. Its delicately fluid movements led British kids of the time, glued to BBC children’s programmes, to turn it into a real British pop icon. Since then, Morph has been like Lord’s diminutive son that time has never allowed to grow up.
But the studio has grown year after year, both in new talents ‒ notably with Nick Park ‒ and challenges. Peter Lord adapted superbly well to all of them, creating such beloved characters as Adam, the protagonist of the eponymous Oscar-nominated short, the white cat with the red bow tie that falls in love with a sensual feline with the timbre of Nina Simone, the buttery protagonist of a long series of commercials, or a group of clownish pirates commanded by a Pirate Captain with an appearance and body language typical of Lord.
For these and many other reasons, this grey-bearded Bristolian will receive the Animac Honorary Award 2019, an ideal occasion for those attending the festival to enjoy a masterclass on his career, and a complete retrospective of Aardman Animations in 10 sessions.
Welcome to Lleida, Lord Peter!

Adrián Encinas Salamanca
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