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Who we are and more

Who are we and more

Animac is the International Film Festival of Animation in Catalonia, and is organized by the Lleida City Council and Generalitat of Catalonia. Over the years, Animac has consolidated its independent and artistic character. Created in 1996 and throughout his 25 years history has become one of the most popular audiovisual events held in Spain, with an important international presence and prestige. Nowadays Animac is a rigorous, dynamic and welcoming festival continually making efforts to improve, generating new audiences and attracting those who love animation. Animac is a non-competitive film festival aimed at artists who use animation as a tool for personal expression. We go beyond the limits of traditional narrative and we seek visionaries who make independent and daring works full of energy and who take their expressive potential to the limit. Animac is also a meeting place for artists, a laboratory in which ideas are generated and relations between the different artistic disciplines are established. It is a place to dream and screen stories of the future. As an event focusing on the creators, Animac has allowed us to overcome the limits of our city and develop our projects in other countries, such as South Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Germany, Hungary, Kosovo, Scotland, Italy, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Philippines and more. We have traveled all over the world showing the best animation film and promoting its creators. This is why Animac has woven a solid and exquisite international network involving accomplices and mentors (animators and other professionals, former participants in the festival, our loyal public, etc…). These are the real assets of Animac, the bases for the foundation of a new event year after year, always more ambitious and efficient.

Arts Council
Av. Blondel, 64 25002 Lleida (España)
Tel/Fax: +34 973 700 325



  • Organization: Department of City and Culture of Lleida (Spain) In collaboration with Generalitat de Catalunya, Ministerio de Cultura and Diputació de Lleida.
  • Management: Carolina López Caballero
  • Coordination and production: Department of City and Culture of Lleida
  • Photography and art direction: Gina Thorstensen
  • Press: Com360
  • Community Manager and content writing: Adrià Carande
  • Catalogue Coordination: Department of City and Culture of Lleida
  • Layout of Graphics elements: Latipo
  • Programming and web deployment: Semic
  • Subtitles: Savinen Traducciones
  • Translation and interpretation: Mariam Chaïb Babou and Department of City and Culture
  • Coordination Animacrea Space: Department of City and Culture of Lleida
  • Technical production: Department of City and Culture of Lleida and Nouvelle-Vague
  • Guests Coordination: Eternum Events
  • Pedagogical Coordination: Department of City and Culture of Lleida
  • Equipment and projections: Nouvelle-Vague and Migue S. Monfort
  • Animac Opener: Gina Thorstensen
  • Opener Music: Josep Mª Baldomà
  • Photography: David del Val



We want to thank all those who every year help us make a better and bigger Animac.



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Tel/Fax: +34 973 700 325