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Esteu aquí: Inici Show Awards JOANNA QUINN. HONORARY AWARD


“My commitment: to produce accessible and high quality animation, based on observation, which explores the more significant aspects of contemporary human experience, with humour as its essential element.”

Animac has the great honour of awarding Joanna Quinn (Birmingham, England, 1962), one of the most celebrated and influential figures in world animation, recognised for her unmistakable drawing style, superbly rendered characters and explosive sense of humour.

Trained at Goldsmiths College in London and Middlesex University, she discovered the magic of handmade animation while adapting her extraordinary talent for drawing to fluid, dynamic and vibrant animations. In 1985 she founded the independent studio Beryl Productions in Wales with her partner Les Mills as producer, screenwriter and sound designer. Her shorts and commercials have won more than 90 awards around the world, including four BAFTAs, three Emmys, and two Oscar nominations: one for the feline-musical short Famous Fred (1996) and another for The Wife of Bath (1998), an adaptation of Chaucer’s famous Canterbury tale. In addition, her advertising work has left its mark on millions of Americans, unable to forget the endearing and eschatological Charmin Bears.

Influenced by the work of the animator Susan Young, her debut feature Girls Night Out (1987) received three awards at Annecy and gave birth to Beryl: one of the most iconic and mutant characters in feminist animation and star of the short films Body Beautiful (1990), Dreams and Desires - Family Ties (2006) and the highly anticipated Affairs of the Art (2021). Coproduced with the NFB Canada, it is her first digitally animated short film and a new instalment in the Beryl saga, which tells the story of her origins and introduces her eccentric family. A choral exploration of curiosity and artistic obsession, just as we are obsessed with the hyper-expressive animation of Joanna Quinn, and we present a retrospective of her work at Animac.



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