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Little Animac 2

All audiences. +3

Enjoy this session in Lleida on Saturday February 27 at 4:00 p.m. in Room 2 of the Llotja.

In Filmin from February 25 to March 7.


Zog and the Flying Doctors

United Kingdom, 29 min, 2020, 3D animation, VOS (english)
Direction: Sean Mullen
Production: Magic Light Pictures

#adventures #dragonsandprincesses

Princess Pearl, Sir Gadabout and the dragon Zog are a trio of flying doctors who care for creatures like a mermaid, a unicorn and a lion. When bad weather forces them to land in the palace of the king, Princess Pearl’s uncle, he takes the opportunity to lock her in the castle while his friends try to free her.

Festejo a la lluvia

Argentina, 2 min 40 s, 2020, 2D animation, VO (spanish)
Direction and production: Martín Figueredo

#rain #tradicionalsong #animals

In Argentina native fauna and flora coexist. Interactions and relationships are reorganised with the coming of the rain that gives life to these lands. Animals such as the carayá, the guanaco, the Andean condor, the tatú carreta, the capybara, the pottery, the catfish, the carp, the ray, the lemon tree or the bird joyfully experience the coming of life.


France, 4 min 14 s, 2020, 3D animation, without dialogue
Direction: Annabelle Tamic, Sarah Erzen, Chloé Musa, Édouard Delfosse and Louis Lukasik
Production: Pôle 3D

#body #small #digitalclay

Digestion, a plasticine adventure. An invitation to look in depth at ourselves. Literally.

The Witch & the Baby

Russia, 4 min 45 s, 2020, 2D animation, without dialogue
Direction: Evgenia Goluveba
Production: Soyuzmultfilm

#witch #baby #story

An ageing witch needs a baby for a spell to make her young again. But when she brings home an infant princess things don't go according to plan.

Boy Oh Boy

United Kingdom, 1 min 30 s, 2020, 2D animation digital drawing and on paper, VOS (English)
Direction: Stephen Irwin
Production: Small Time inc

#doodles #sampler #childrenslanguage

A boy conjures the stars out of yogurt.


Un lynx dans la ville

France, 6 min 48 s, 2019, 2D digital animation drawing, without dialogue
Direction: Nina Bisiarina
Production: Folimage

#city #lynx #giantfeline

A curious lynx leaves its forest, attracted by the lights of the nearby town. It has great fun there until it falls asleep in the middle of a parking lot. In the early morning, locals are astonished to find this strange animal covered in snow.

Bolshoy y makenky (Big and Small)

Russia, 6 min, 2020, stop motion with puppies, without dialogue 
Direction: Natalia Grofpel
Production: Soyuzmultfilm

#garbage #imagination #cutout

Children's pockets can be a place for incredible events.

Dylda (Cornstalk)

Russia, 8 min 15 s, 2020, 2D animation drawing on paper, without dialogue
Direction: Anastasiia Zhakulina
Production: School-Studio “Shar”

#princess #longlegs #drawing

A princess has a difficult life because of her enormous height. The king arranges a ball in an attempt to marry off his daughter. But all the suitors run away in horror. Despair and chance lead her to the cornstalk, where she finds her happiness.


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