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Little Animac 3

All audiences. +6

Enjoy this session in Lleida on Sunday, February 28 at 12:00 in Sala 2 of the Llotja.

And in Filmin from Febryart 25 to March 7.

Avec le Do de la cuillère

France, 6 min, 2019, 3D animation, without dialogue
Direction: Laurent Wassouf, Clément Crosnier, Edgard Cros, Théoline Chapas, Nolwenn Pétereau, Anouk Nedellec and Lucas Ancel
Production: ESMA School

#routine #rhythm #music

A young woman finds herself alone in the kitchen washing up, submerged in the dishes. Suddenly she begins to hear exotic sounds coming from the sink, allowing her to escape the boredom of the task at hand.

Matilda ir atsarginė galva (Matilda and the Spare Head)

Lithuania, 13 min 9 s, 2020, stop motion with plasticine, VOS (Lithuanian)
Direction: Ignas Meilūnas
Production: M-Films

#school #smartest

A girl who wants to be the smartest person in the world lives pressured by her mother and misunderstood by her peers.

Privet, Babulnik! (Merry grandmas!)

Russia, 8 min, 2020, 2D animation digital drawing, VOS (Russian)
Direction: Natalia Mirzoyan
Production: Soyuzmultfilm

#grandmother #newyearseve

Masha wants to go to the New Year’s party with her parents but they leave her with grandma instead. Granny's guests come one by one and finally the girl finds herself surrounded by old ladies.


Spain, 3 min 46 s, 2019, stop motion with puppets, without dialogue
Direction: Keshav Abrol, Lucas Londoño-Clayton, Pavel Loparev and Alicia Velasco
Production: BAU Centro Universitario de Diseño de Barcelona

#beard #flowers

Every morning, a bearded man must complete a strange and difficult ritual to prepare himself for the day ahead.

Mido et les instrumeaux

France, 5 min 50 s, 2020,2D digital drawing animation, without dialogs
Direction: Roman Guillanton
Production: Atelier de Sèvres

#finedefine #imagination #drawing

Mido lives alone in his forest and loves to sing. One day, a musical band of animals stops at his home. That day, Mido discovers the opportunity to become a part of the musical world, as well as the undeniable fact that his singing is really, really awful. How in the world is he going to make his dream of joining this band come true?


France, 29 min 26 s, 2020, various techniques, without dialogue
Direction: Guillaume Lorin
Production: Folimage / Nadasdy Film

#mysteries #flower

Vanille, a young Parisian girl recently arrived in Guadeloupe, is drawn into an adventure tinged with mystery, meeting picturesque characters and a magic flower. These are holidays that promise to be rich in twists and turns!


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