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Little Animac 4

All audiences +3

Enjoy this session exclusively in Lleida on Sunday, February 28 at 4:00 p.m. in Sala 2 of the Llotja. Ticket information here.


Spain, 12 min 26 s, 2020, various techniques without dialogue
Direction: José Prats and Álvaro Robles
Production: Moukda Production and Bigaro Film

#fatherdaughter #superprotection #fear

In a faraway land where the rain never stops, six-year-old Kyna spends her days playing carelessly under the protective "umbrella-beard" of her father, Din. One night, his beloved dog Nana disappears. To find her, Kyna will embark on an adventure of self-discovery and face her great fear, the rain.

La source des montagnes

France, 7 min 2 s, 2020,3D animation without dialogue
Direction: Adrien Communier, Camille Di Dio, Benjamin François, Pierre Gorichon, Briag Mallat and Marianne Moisy
Production: ESMA

#fantastic #miniatures #giraffe

The Achard-Picchus are festive little creatures. They live a carefree daily life in harmony with the mountain. When the mountains come, their oasis rises and they are lifted up into a winter climate. The Paccha-Picchus are very fond of the winter climate, which is vital for them. But one day, the mountains stop coming and the restless Kinko decides to go looking for them.

Trazo crítico. Contaminación

Spain, 3 min 31 s, 2020, 2D digital drawing animation, without dialogue
Direction: Vicente Mallols
Production: TV ON, SL


Nassotis is a castaway who lives on a desert island and throws a lot of garbage into the sea, but it always comes back. Until one day he is buried in a pile of garbage thanks to a fish that intends to teach him a lesson.


Irland, 4 min 2 s, 2020, 2D digital drawing animation, without dialogue
Direction: Cliona Noonan

#laundry #neighbor

A weather-tormented man who just wants to dry his underwear is forced to use the local laundromat each evening.

Je suis un caillou

France, 6 min 55 s, 2020, 3D animation, without dialogue
Direction: Mélanie Berteraut Platon, Yasmine Bresson, Léo Coulombier, Nicolas Grondin, Maxime Le Chapelain and Louise Massé
Production: ESMA


Bubble, a young otter, lives with three mossy stones and thinks of them as her family. She imagines them as real otters, but as she becomes aware of their true nature, she has to face her loneliness.


France, 4 min 7 s, 2020, 2D digital animation drawing, without dialogue
Direction: Masa Avramovic
Production: La Poudrière

#bus #humor #Serbia

A bus gets stopped by a police officer who is dissatisfied with the bribe he has received. The passengers join forces to continue their journey.

Des papillons dans le ventre

France, 7 min 9 s, 2020, 2D digital animation drawing, without dialogue
Direction: Miriam Lazrak
Production: Atelier de Sèvres

#cafeteria #love #barista

Marius is a meticulous barista. One day, following his meeting with Valentine, strange symptoms start to manifest, preventing him from doing his work. It’s hard to serve coffee when you see everything in pink and when butterflies are coming out of your mouth.

Lea Salvaje

Colombia, 9 min 19 s, 2020, stop motion with puppies, without dialogue
Direction and production: María Teresa Salcedo

#stopmotion #jungle #recycling

After falling from a tree, Lea, a lonely and strong wild cat, is cared for by Ciro, a rag doll, who takes her home and introduces her to her family: things broken and abandoned by the human world and repaired by him. In this place, Lea must face the difficulty and beauty of having friends, filling all the things that live there with fun, chaos and fear.

Kiki la plume

France, 5 min 47 s, 2020, various techniques without dialogue
Direction: Nicolas Bianco-Levrin y Julie Rembauville
Production: Prototypes Productions

#freebird #learning

Kiki the canary only knows his cage and the old lady who feeds him. He dreams of flying with the free birds. When at last the door of the cage is left open, he escapes and discovers the big outside where you have to know how to fly. In the end, being a free bird is scary.


Irland, 5 min 48 s, 2020, 2D digital animation drawing, without dialogue
Direction: Jack McHugh
Production: National Film School at IADT Dun Laoghaire

#cowboy #URRSS #imagination

Ruslan is a young boy in Soviet Russia who dreams of being a cowboy. His Western daydreams seem to attract strong disapproval wherever he goes, putting his resilience, identity and lasso skills to the test!

Bonjour Monsieur

France, 4 min 12 s, 2020, 2D animation digital drawing, VOS (French)
Direction: Joséphine Gobbi
Production: La Poudrière

#invisible #complicity #park

In the park, everybody is walking their dogs, except the gardener, who doesn't have one.


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