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Enjoy this session in Lleida on Saturday February 27 at 12:30 pm in Sala 1 of the Llotja. Ticket information here.

In Filmin from February 25 to March 7.

Beyond Noh

United States, 3 min 55 s, 2020, object substitution, VOS (english)
Direction: Patrick Smith
Production: Blend Films

Whether used in rituals, for protection, performance, or simply for fun, masks have many meanings in human society. Animated from 3,475 individual masks and touching on politics, gender, religion and consumerism, this rhythmic film uncovers similarity in our diversity.

Trona Pinnacles

France, 13 min 20 s, 2020, 2D animation, VOS (french)
Direction: Mathilde Parquet
Production: Girelle Production and Novanima productions

Gabrielle finds herself stuck near Death Valley, between two parents who no longer speak to each other. The situation seems impossible, until an unexpected event comes to unravel everything.

Todo es culpa de la sal

Colombia, 10 min, 2020, 2D animation, VO (spanish)
Direction: María Cristina Pérez
Production: Pez Dorado Animaciones

The youngest daughter of a sloth family rebuilds memories with her parents and three siblings. Behind the human aspect of a normal family, the wild spirit appears in the details of everyday life that become indomitable in the memory.

Wochenbett (Postpartum)

Germany, 4 min 36 s, 2020, 2D animation digita drawingl, VOS (german)
Direction and production: Henriette Rietz

The protagonist finds herself in a chaotic phase of her life when she becomes a mother for the first time. Pumped up with hormones and lacking sleep, this intense phase has burned deep into her heart. This film is an honest and very personal insight into the world of an overwhelmed mother, who thought that parental leave would become a sort of sabbatical.


Portugal, 11 min 38 s, 2020, 2D animation, drawing on paper, without dialogue
Direction: Alexandra Ramires
Production: Bando à parte

Under a gloomy sun, two characters look for adaptation.

Sve te senzacije u mom trbuhu (All Those Sensations in My Belly)

Croatia, 13 min 18 s, 2020, 2D animation, digital drawing, VOS (croatian)
Direction: Marko Djeska
Production: Adriatic Animation

While transitioning from male to female gender, Matia struggles with finding a genuine intimate relationship with a heterosexual man.


United Kingdom, 7 min 51 s, 2019, stop motion with puppets and cutouts, without dialogue
Direction: Anita Bruvere
Production: Nodachi LTD

This short film is the true story of community, immigration and diversity, told through the history of a single building.


France, 13 min 29 s, 2020, 2D animation digital drawing, VOS (french)
Direction: Marion Auvin
Production: Doncvoilà Productions

Jean, a well-known but casual actor, arrives on set freshly shaved while his director had asked him to come with a four-day beard. This innocuous gesture is a disaster for the filming and, for Jean, an opportunity to finally pay attention to the world that surrounds him.


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