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Joanna Quinn. Short Films.

Enjoy this sesion in Filmin from February 25 to March 7.

Girls Night Out

United Kingdom, 6 min, 1986, 2D animation, VOS (english)
Direction: Joanna Quinn
Production: Beryl Productions International Ltd

Raucous comedy following a quiet Welsh housewife Beryl on a birthday treat to a ”ladies only” night at a local pub where she encounters the evening’s entertainment... a male stripper.

Body Beautiful

United Kingdom, 13 min, 1990, 2D animation, VOS (english)
Direction: Joanna Quinn
Production: Les Mills, Beryl Productions International Ltd for Channel 4 UK y S4C Wales

Beryl and her friends work in a Japanese factory in Wales. She is overweight and consequently ridiculed remorselessly by macho supervisor, Vince, who is the bane of her life. However, the time comes for Beryl to get even.


United Kingdom, 4 min, 1992, 2D animation, without dialogue
Direction: Joanna Quinn
Production: Didier Brunner and Beryl Productions International Ltd

Two of Toulouse-Lautrec’s models take a lively and boisterous break from posing. Elles is part of a collection of animated films called "Cabaret" based on the work of Toulouse-Lautrec and was made for an exhibition of the painter at Musée d'Orsay in Paris in 1992.


United Kingdom, 5 min, 1993, 2D animation, VOS (english)
Direction: Joanna Quinn
Production: David Parker, Colin Thomas and Beryl Productions International Ltd

A satirical swipe at the British character showing how, in the pursuit of wealth and power, they robbed other nations of their pride and national wealth. A biting and savage indictment of the development and demise of British Imperialism.

Famous Fred

United Kingdom, 25 min, 1996, 2D animation, VOS ((english)
Direction: Joanna Quinn
Production: John Coates and Catrin Unwin

Based on the children’s book by Posy Simmonds. A mischievous kitten called Fred grows up to be feline singing superstar. However, a case of cat flu threatens to cut short his musical career.

Wife of Bath

United Kingdom, 5 min, 1998, 2D animation, VOS (english)
Direction: Joanna Quinn
Production: Les Mills i Beryl Productions International Ltd

From a series based on Geoffrey Chaucer’s classic poetry.

For attacking a young woman, an arrogant knight of King Arthur’s court is sentenced to death if he cannot answer the question: What do women most desire? He travels far and wide with no success until he meets an old woman who promises him the answer, but at a price.


Dreams & Desires - Family Ties

United Kingdom, 10 min, 2006, 2D animation, VOS (english)
Direction: Joanna Quinn
Production: Les Mills and Beryl Productions International Ltd with the colaboration of S4C/S4Ci

Beryl acquires a new digital video camera and becomes obsessed with the art of filmmaking, using it to articulate her desires, dreams and thoughts in a video diary. As a “cineaste par excellence” she agrees to film her friend’s wedding, seizing the opportunity to “strut her stuff filmically” with disastrous and often hilarious results.

The ultimate wedding video.


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